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Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. Like…SO GLAD. I remember standing right where you are now, at the precipice of my journey with essential oils. Little did I know, my life was about to change forever! I can’t wait to guide you through getting started + help you learn all about these amazing oils.

We have so many resources and wonderful people in our oiling community to help you get started – don’t be afraid to ask all the questions!


Sabrina Ortolano + The Essential Life Tribe team

Sabrina Ortolano

New to oils? Learn about how to order your first Young Living Starter Kit!

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Weekly Oil Lessons – Email Series

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Weekly Business Builder Meeting with Sabrina

Join Sabrina’s team every Monday at 4 pm PST for support in building your Young Living business. You’ll learn how to expand your reach and sharpen your skills for self-marketing and creating relationships. Register below!

Mondays at 4 pm PST

Weekly Oil Lessons – Virtual Circle!

Join us on Zoom Tuesdays at 6pm PST for our free Weekly Oil Lessons virtual circle, where we educate and discuss on different topics each week. It’s a super fun meeting where we catch up as friends and learn new things. Register below!

Tuesdays at 6 pm PST

Events & Workshops

Click here to explore our upcoming (Virtual) Workshops for DIY crafts, cooking with essential oils + more!

Aromatherapy / Essential Oil Classes at IPSB Massage School

Aromatherapy – Essential Oil Basics (Sabrina Ortolano)

Aromatherapy – Raindrop Technique (Sabrina Ortolano)

Aromatherapy – Spinal Renewal (Tracy Griffiths)

Aromatherapy – Foot Reflexology (Tri Faundeen)

Register for classes online here

Aroma Yoga with Tracy Griffiths

Aroma yoga combines the science and healing power of essential oils with the practice of yoga. Students learn how to integrate the ancient art of aromatherapy into their teaching and yoga practice. Tracy holds space for students to have a profound and transformative experience.

Visit our website here for upcoming trainings + info!

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program

Join Gary + Tracy for Mojo Monday

Receive your weekly dose of magical and divine inspirations. Here we mastermind, dream big and share our downloads for putting our dreams into action! Register below:

Mojo Monday 2:30 pm PST

Tuesday + Thursday Business Trainings with Tracy

Join Tracy’s team on Zoom for support in building your Young Living business on Tuesdays + Thursdays!

Step by step you will learn how to grow your business by learning the leadership skills for becoming a successful network marketing professional. 

Each week you will have an assignment and have accountability to keep moving your business forward. We’ll cover the same material at both meetings. Register below:

Tuesday 5 pm PST

Thursday 8 am PST

Sabrina’s Etsy Store with Essential Oil Resources

Are you looking for ways to share oils? Maybe a gift for new team members? Here are some downloadable things that give you some great oil blends and resources for using your oils in different ways.

Thank you for being YOU! We’re so happy you’re part of our Community <3

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